Lee Proudfoot


Lee was taught to fly by his father in the early eighties on the Stampe, Cap 10 and Harvard. His father was an ex RAF instructor and taught Lee in a very disciplined way demanding high standards and effort. Even before the issue of his PPL in 1986 Lee understood the basic principles and techniques of aerobatics and formation flying.

Whilst hoping to become a fast jet pilot, Lee towed gliders at a glider club, building up his hours to gain a Commercial licence. Soon after, Lee was selected by Britannia Airways to fly 737’s to most parts of Europe. Whilst going from Super Cubs to 737’s Lee helped run an aerobatic club, organised several fund raising events for charity and began teaching tail wheel conversions and aerobatics up to standard level. Lee won five out of six aerobatic competitions in 1990, recognition of which led to a position in the Harvard Formation Team. Lee also flew Pitts Specials with the Toyota Team led by Nigel Lamb. Whilst flying for Monarch, British Antarctic Survey gave Lee a job flying Twin Otters in the Antarctic. This was the ultimate position, flying airshows in the summer and skis in the Antarctic in the winter, which Lee pursued for the next seven years.

Old aeroplanes have remained Lee’s passion, and in 1988 he began flying airshows for ARC with a Chipmunk and Auster. From there he worked his way into the more high powered fighters and bombers, flying aircraft from both ARC and The Fighter Collection based at Duxford.Qualified on 60 types, including various marks of Spitfire, Bearcat, Hellcat, Wildcat, Thunderbolt, Blenheim, Mustang and Lysander, Lee is also well known for his time with the Breitling Fighters Display Team.

  1. ben says:

    lee is also great in piloting kites with a board under his feet………!

  2. Mom says:

    Good news that immersion suits are no longer essential and the flight is unfolding as planned. It is such a privilege to be able to view the wonderful pics via the website and share and insight into this epic flight. Love to all – stay safe.

  3. Amanda Lynnes says:

    Woo hoo! What a treat following this. Hope all goes well and that the flight is enjoyed by all, love Amanda, Mat and Olivia xx

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