Historic Flight at Kilo-7 offers a collection of the most important aircraft produced between 1927 and 1957—all restored and airborne again.

Our mission goes beyond serving as trustees of an era. We want you to experience the roar of our F8F “Wampus Cat” taking off. Watch engineers at work restoring the aircraft to flying condition. Share the rush of viewing international treasures from all angles.

Whether you’re an experienced aviator, a student of history, or a newcomer to our world, we want to spark and fuel your passion—both for aviation and for epiphanies born from hard labor. Our heroes did not leap from the bathtub shrieking, “Eureka!” They scrawled a sketch on a piece of paper. Got interested in an impossible challenge. And then they dove into the work. The reward? Innovation that astonished both them and us, and that continues to change our world.


November 28 through December 20, Christmas Ships, HFF

Honoring a holiday tradition, HFF will fly its de Havilland Beaver to view the lighted Seattle skyline, then search for the Christmas Ships. Pre-flight briefings feature hot chocolate and homemade Christmas cookies. Make this a family event. Holiday flights begin on November 28 and continue on weekends through December 20. Contact Visitor Services to plan a memorable holiday excursion.

December 12 at noon, “Santa’s Test Flight,” HFF

We never know if the old man will favor wheels, skis or amphibious floats, but one thing is certain. With him arrives the magic of the season. Bring your aspiring pilots to have a chat about their year. Enjoy traditional holiday activities and complimentary refreshments. If you can, bring an unwrapped, new toy for the USMC “Toys for Tots” program.

January 13 at 7 p.m. and January 16 at noon, “Trans World Airlines,” HFF

The Trans World Airways story plays out against a backdrop of intense entrepreneurship in the 1920s, fiercely competitive and deeply political 1930s and the crash that killed Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne. TWA encouraged design of and became the lead customer for airplanes like the DC-1 and DC-2, and pioneered high altitude flight with the first pressurized airliner, the Boeing 307. Wartime and dramatic corporate politics sidelined TWA’s founders as Howard Hughes assumed control. Development of the Lockheed Constellation occurred during Hughes’ tenure. Finally, learn about the end of the Hughes era and transformation of TWA to become the first US airline to operate an all-jet fleet. Barry Latter presents this fourth installment in the Airline History Series.

February 3 at 7 p.m. and February 6 at noon, “Eastern Airlines,” HFF

Led initially by World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker, Eastern Airlines was one of the “Big Four” domestic airlines created by the 1930 “Spoils Conference.” A near-monopoly of the New York to Florida market (“Number one to the sun”) supported rapid growth. Labor disputes and debt strained the company under former Apollo 8 astronaut Frank Borman, who assumed executive leadership in 1975 and continued until 1986. In that year Frank Lorenzo acquired the airline and moved most of its assets to Texas Air and Continental Airlines. Eastern ran out of money and was liquidated in 1991 with most of its routes to Latin America and the Caribbean acquired by American and Delta Airlines. Hear Bill McCutcheon explain the reasons for the rise and fall of this important airline.

To become a member and participate in any or all of these activities, please call Visitor Services at 425.348.3200 or email visitorservices@historicflight.org.


10-5, Tuesday - Sunday.


$15 Adult Admission
$12 Senior/Military (65+)
$10 Youth (11-17 years old)
10 and Under Free

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