Historic Flight at Kilo-7 offers a collection of the most important aircraft produced between 1927 and 1957—all restored and airborne again.

Our mission goes beyond serving as trustees of an era. We want you to experience the roar of our F8F “Wampus Cat” taking off. Watch engineers at work restoring the aircraft to flying condition. Share the rush of viewing international treasures from all angles.

Whether you’re an experienced aviator, a student of history, or a newcomer to our world, we want to spark and fuel your passion—both for aviation and for epiphanies born from hard labor. Our heroes did not leap from the bathtub shrieking, “Eureka!” They scrawled a sketch on a piece of paper. Got interested in an impossible challenge. And then they dove into the work. The reward? Innovation that astonished both them and us, and that continues to change our world.


August 24
HFF, Challenge Air for Kids and Friends

Want to feel fortunate? Want to give something back? On this day we will take approximately 100 children and young adults into to the air for the first time. These are extraordinary passengers. With their families, they face each day, special challenges from illness or injury. But that doesn’t diminish their love of flight. Congratulations to the volunteer pilots and those who create a fun, circus-like environment in the hangar. Care to join us? It will leave an indelible impression. Call Visitor Services to volunteer. 425.348.3200.

Challenge Air Everett/Seattle Fly Day

September 2-5
HFF, The Silver Spitfire, 10-5

This visit was scheduled to begin August 26th. Please track with us, the progress of the Silver Spitfire and any changes to the schedule as they may affect your plans to view it.

On August 5th at Goodwood Aerodrome in England, Spitfire G-IRTY began an around-the-world journey to showcase the heritage of English engineering excellence while visiting many of the countries where the Spitfire played an historic role. HFF will host the IWC “Silver Spitfire” beginning Monday, September 2nd. Mechanics will work into the night performing a 50-hour maintenance inspection before the Silver Spit continues its journey to Williams Lake, Canada. Normally closed on Monday, HFF will be open for this special guest.

Silver Spitfire Live Flight Tracker

September 11-16
National Aviation Heritage Invitational
Reno-Stead Airport

The National Aviation Heritage Invitational returns to the Reno Air Races. Enjoy over twenty competing aircraft, all lovingly restored to a Concours d’Elegance standard. HFF will campaign both its Beechcraft Staggerwing and recently restored Boeing Stearman. Visit us for a special tour between air race heats.

National Aviation Heritage Invitational

September 27-29
Felts Field Autumn Invitational

Arrive Friday to tour our new facility at Felts Field. Saturday flying events include visits to Colfax for a pancake breakfast and Deer Park for flour bombing and spot landing contests. Historian and author Mike Lavelle will present “The Aviation History of D-Day.” A dinner at HFF will feature live music by an ensemble of musicians drawn from Tuxedo Junction. For more details and to register your aircraft, please visit the event web site.

Felts Field Autumn Invitational

To participate in any or all of these activities, please call Visitor Services at 425.348.3200 or email visitorservices@historicflight.org.

Crossing America

Arriving Friday in Bangor we were greeted by friends who had tracked our trip and insisted we accompany them to a lobster dinner. The next day we flew over the Adirondack Mountains, avoiding Boston and New York air spaces. We filed a flight plan for Columbus, Ohio, to once again visit the home of DC-3 […]

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Crossing the Atlantic

Three weather gods decide the fate of any vintage, unpressurized aircraft making an Atlantic crossing. One resides in and around Iceland, another Greenland, and a third in Labrador, around Goose Bay. On the 17th, we enjoyed a good relationship with two of three with the unsuitable destination being Greenland. So we toured Iceland for a […]

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10-5, Tuesday - Sunday.


$15 Adult Admission
$12 Senior/Military (65+)
$10 Youth (11-17 years old)
10 and Under Free

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