About the Founder

John T. Sessions, Chairman HFF

John Sessions’ passion for aviation began with a spontaneous visit in 1983 to a flying club at Boeing Field. He got interested, started flying small Cessnas, graduated to bush planes, and then added floats. After “about twenty trips to Alaska at a hundred knots,” John moved to corporate jets and received his Airline Transport Pilot license with a single-pilot rating in the CJ series. Several thousand hours later, the call of fast stick-and-rudder pulled him into the world of classic Warbirds. Today, he flies P-51B “Impatient Virgin” whenever weather and schedule allow, and he’s rated to fly the entire HFF aircraft collection.

He’s had some exciting moments: “A couple of engine failures, an engine fire, and a broken tail-wheel all rank right up there.”

Over the past twenty years, John has devoted himself to acquiring and restoring the HFF collection. He considers himself a trustee of “precious icons that fly.” HFF reflects his desire to share aircraft guaranteed to spark passion and inspiration.

John Sessions

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  1. GLENN OLSEN says:

    John: I met you last year after your P-51 flight. Yesterday I stopped by and we stayed to watch. I had my son and grandson with me. I walked by you before the B-25 and your P-51 flight. I have wanted to ask you about your dad, as I worked with him at Burroughs in Spokane before being trans. to Seattle in 1965. I had always been under the impression the your Dad had been injured at the D-Day but your letter you gave me indicated otherwise. I now feel Guy must have been wounded later, maybe at the Battle of the Bulge. Maybe one day I will stop by when there is not an open house event.
    and have a short chat.

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