The Historic Flight Collection

We want you to experience the history of aviation in motion—that’s why our vision is to give you rare aircraft that are fully restored to flying condition. And we want you to understand how aviation has played a key role in shaping history itself, and how it will continue to shape our future.

But it’s the personal details that make history come to life. Every aircraft in our collection has a unique “backstory.” Some are packed with drama, some simply offer prime examples of the roles aviation played during 1927–1957— and fun facts about the people and events that make up our world. Dig into our collection, learn more, and come back soon for new stories!

Our Waco in the Sun

Our Waco in the Sun


J Sessions flying Impatient Virgin

J Sessions flying Impatient Virgin


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  3. admin says:


    We encourage photographers to display their work through the HFF/Flickr connection. Click on the photo thumbnail in the lower right-hand corner of the home page. Thanks in advance for your contributions.


  4. John Hicks says:

    I have taken some pics on my visit to your museum and would like to share with u…..Pls tell me how to send to your organization.

    John Hicks

  5. Richard Bud Fuchs says:

    Capt. John;
    Knowing what a stickler you are for details:
    Your Staggerwing to the FAA is a BE17, as a civilian she is a D-17,
    and she was born a Navy GB-2. She was on the line with my D-17
    serial 6911 in my birth year of 1944. Cool. What great history.
    I was on an IFR flt plan one day and on arrival found folks waiting to
    see a B-17.
    A fella wrecked a friends Stagg in N.C. and the FAA sent two feds to investigate the runway incident of a B-17. Surprise!
    Thank you again.

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