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By supporting the Campaign for Historic Flight, faithful donors and friends now have an opportunity to make a difference and help Historic Flight Foundation fully realize its vision: Bring a bygone era back to life, and deliver a hands-on education about the technology and innovation that fueled today’s aviation industry.
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We realize that some of you have favorites. The fixed cost to stage a classic aircraft often exceeds $50,000 per year. And if you actually fly it, the operating cost, particularly for the Rolls Royce Merlin–powered aircraft and jets, can exceed $3,000 per hour. To help defray the expenses of showing and flying your favorite aircraft, perhaps you would like to channel your generosity in that direction. For each gift of $5,000, we will add the name of the donor or designee to the “Flight Crew” for that aircraft. The current crew manifest will be placed on board whenever the aircraft goes “wheels up.” E-mail for more info.


Historic Flight has been approached by generous individuals concerning outright donation of an aircraft, or perhaps its inclusion in a temporary display. These offers joyfully demonstrate a donor’s commitment to aviation heritage. Historic Flight welcomes the opportunity to develop an arrangement beneficial to the donor and consistent with its programs.


Similarly, if log books, maintenance manuals, uniforms, tools, flying attire, equipment and aviation books no longer have a place in your home, hangar, or the home or hangar of a relative, they might be of continuing benefit to historians and enthusiasts. Historic Flight offers its library and collection of memorabilia and artifacts in a public reading room and archive.


Your passion and interest are always appreciated! Whether as a tour guide, marshal or administrator, you can play a role that’s as educational and exciting for you as it is for us. To learn more about volunteering at Kilo-7, e-mail

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3 Responses to “Get Involved”

  1. David Mullen says:

    I was thrilled to be at Duxsford to witness you (N877MG) and the other wonderful aircraft and also lucky for the weather on that Wednesday. I know you were flying but managed to introduce myself to Gene Vezzetti and Bill Mnich and was waiting in hope to say hi to you and Michael but the security was obviously very tight so I had to contend myself to witness the flypast with the many other thousands of spectators. Great show thank you. I am a former resident of Seattle, living now in the UK but will make it to Paine field in October. Thanks for the great memories and congratulations on what you do. David

  2. Sean Samuel says:

    I am a pilot, just recently finished my Canadian CPL and multi-ifr, I talked to a pilot at the CYXX airshow about a ‘2nd in command’ program, and am wondering where I can get more information about it.

    I would absolutely love to volunteer as a pilot for any of your beautifully kept aircraft. If you have any information or questions please e-mail me, thanks!

  3. Carisa says:

    I Love one of your Volunteers, Luke Heckerman! What A great young Man with such a great future ahead of him! Hope you keep him around!

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