Historic Flight at Kilo-7 offers a collection of the most important aircraft produced between 1927 and 1957—all restored and airborne again.

Our mission goes beyond serving as trustees of an era. We want you to experience the roar of our F8F “Wampus Cat” taking off. Watch engineers at work restoring the aircraft to flying condition. Share the rush of viewing international treasures from all angles.

Whether you’re an experienced aviator, a student of history, or a newcomer to our world, we want to spark and fuel your passion—both for aviation and for epiphanies born from hard labor. Our heroes did not leap from the bathtub shrieking, “Eureka!” They scrawled a sketch on a piece of paper. Got interested in an impossible challenge. And then they dove into the work. The reward? Innovation that astonished both them and us, and that continues to change our world.

October 3, 17, 24 and November 7 and 14 Understanding Airplanes, 5 - 7 p.m., HFF We are pleased to host Bernardo Malfitano and his excellent series entitled "Understanding Airplanes." For a preview, visit UnderstandingAirplanes.com. Join engineers, pilots, historians and intellectually curious HFF members for this thoughtful, well-delivered survey course. The timing allows those in the Paine Field area to participate on the way home from work. Enroll on line to reserve your spot. October 18 The 1927 Dole - Oakland to Hawaii Race, 7 p.m., HFF HFF's fall/winter lecture series features the transcontinental and transoceanic races of the 20s and 30s. Speakers Bureau Chair Mike Lavelle begins the series with this tale of courage, resourcefulness and luck (both kinds). Of eighteen entrants, two landed in Hawaii. Later presentations in the series include the 1927 Spirit of St. Louis Flight, the 1928 Flight of the Southern Cross, the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race and the 1937 Soviet Transpolar Flight to the United States. Please consider introducing friends and family to HFF through these one-hour presentations. October 21 The 1927 Dole - Oakland to Hawaii Race, noon, HFF This Saturday reprise of the Wednesday presentation allows participation by those who cannot make it to HFF on Wednesday night, and those who wish to hear the presentation a second time. October 28 DC-3 Ground School, 8 a.m., HFF October 29 onward, DC-3 Flight Training We are pleased to again offer pilots, historians, enthusiasts and friends an opportunity to consider the systems, flying characteristics, normal and emergency procedures, and the remarkable history of one of the worlds greatest airplanes. This ground school is required for the second-in-command (SIC or co-pilot) rating. SIC flight training begins on October 29th. Ground school tuition is $250 with SIC training, $5,950. Upon registration you will receive electronically, ground school study materials. Lunch will be provided by HFF. We encourage early registration due to the popularity of this course. Let us know if we can assist with local hotel arrangements at HFF's discounted rates. November 15 The 1927 Spirit of St. Louis Flight, 7 p.m., HFF Join Speakers Bureau member Bill McCutcheon for an in-depth examination of Charles Lindbergh's epic flight from New York to Paris in the Ryan NYP to win the $25,000 Orteig Prize. November 18 The 1927 Spirit of St. Louis Flight, noon, HFF Come Saturday if you can't make it on Wednesday, or come again. To participate in any or all of these activities, please call Visitor Services at 425.348.3200 or email visitorservices@historicflight.org.


10-5, Tuesday - Sunday.


$15 Adult Admission
$12 Senior/Military (65+)
$10 Youth (11-17 years old)
10 and Under Free

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