August 24
HFF, Challenge Air for Kids and Friends

Want to feel fortunate? Want to give something back? On this day we will take approximately 100 children and young adults into to the air for the first time. These are extraordinary passengers. With their families, they face each day, special challenges from illness or injury. But that doesn’t diminish their love of flight. Congratulations to the volunteer pilots and those who create a fun, circus-like environment in the hangar. Care to join us? It will leave an indelible impression. Call Visitor Services to volunteer. 425.348.3200.

Challenge Air Everett/Seattle Fly Day

September 2-5
HFF, The Silver Spitfire, 10-5

This visit was scheduled to begin August 26th. Please track with us, the progress of the Silver Spitfire and any changes to the schedule as they may affect your plans to view it.

On August 5th at Goodwood Aerodrome in England, Spitfire G-IRTY began an around-the-world journey to showcase the heritage of English engineering excellence while visiting many of the countries where the Spitfire played an historic role. HFF will host the IWC “Silver Spitfire” beginning Monday, September 2nd. Mechanics will work into the night performing a 50-hour maintenance inspection before the Silver Spit continues its journey to Williams Lake, Canada. Normally closed on Monday, HFF will be open for this special guest.

Silver Spitfire Live Flight Tracker

September 11-16
National Aviation Heritage Invitational
Reno-Stead Airport

The National Aviation Heritage Invitational returns to the Reno Air Races. Enjoy over twenty competing aircraft, all lovingly restored to a Concours d’Elegance standard. HFF will campaign both its Beechcraft Staggerwing and recently restored Boeing Stearman. Visit us for a special tour between air race heats.

National Aviation Heritage Invitational

September 27-29
Felts Field Autumn Invitational

Arrive Friday to tour our new facility at Felts Field. Saturday flying events include visits to Colfax for a pancake breakfast and Deer Park for flour bombing and spot landing contests. Historian and author Mike Lavelle will present “The Aviation History of D-Day.” A dinner at HFF will feature live music by an ensemble of musicians drawn from Tuxedo Junction. For more details and to register your aircraft, please visit the event web site.

Felts Field Autumn Invitational

To participate in any or all of these activities, please call Visitor Services at 425.348.3200 or email










Mustang in the Air

Mustang in the Air










Bad Kitty (Grumman Tigercat)

Bad Kitty (Grumman Tigercat)










Four Ship Formation

Four Ship Formation

6 Responses to “News-Events”

  1. Betty and David Ruckhaber says:

    We have now attended both of the Pan Am presentations in this 3-part series about Pan American Airways. David Lednicer and Barry Latter have done a fantastic job of presenting their extensive research, photos, and stories about Pan American Airways, and the story of Historic Flight’s DC-3 as a Pan American Airliner. We look forward to the third in the series about Pan Am during the jet age in January.

    We commend Historic Flight Foundation for offering such interesting and educational presentations. Thank you!

  2. Spent a lovely afternoon today with my WWII peeps at the Historic Flight Foundation for their event, “The Art of the Flight Jacket.” I have to say that I am really loving this era.

  3. Betty and Dave Ruckhaber says:

    Today’s presentation by Lou Sapienza, “Duck Hunting in Greenland,” was fabulous! It was so interesting to hear the story of how the team discovered the crash site of the WWII Coast Guard Grumman Duck rescue aircraft beneath the ice in Greenland. It was so amazing to see and hear, firsthand from Mr. Sapienza, what it took for the expedition to locate this wreck after 70 years, and to see his beautiful photographic images of the area and event.

    We appreciate all of the very interesting live presentations by individuals and panels, and all of the events at Historic Flight–and, of course, the beautiful display of live, vintage aircraft.

  4. Bill Gildea says:

    I’m interested in the P-40 recovery project. My mother was stationed in North Africa during WW II as a captain in the army nursing corps. She used to love to tell stories about hitching rides with the P-40 pilots to Cairo. They would ride on the pilots laps which happened to be the only available place to sit. I can’t help but wonder if mom rode in this plane. Her unit was eventually overrun by Rommel and she got to meet the “desert fox” who, incidentally, had no interest in capturing any of the hospital personnel.

    Another interesting bit of trivia about our armed forces was when the unit put on a party, they would load the beer into the bomb bay of a B-24 and fly around for several hours at high altitude to chill the cargo!

  5. Paul Sorensen says:

    Thank you John for participating in our Props & Ponies show here in Bellingham! The 3 Mustangs fly-by was a rare event and appreciated by all who were here ( and wowed – I’m sure everyone around Bellingham
    who saw it! )
    Also want to mention the Spitfire burning up the grass along the runway, as you made your final pass before leaving for home.
    The sound of that particular Rolls in the Spitfire is just awesome!!

    Thanks again.

  6. Betty and Dave Ruckhaber says:

    We were present at Sunset Hills Memorial Park in Bellevue, WA, at their Memorial Day Ceremony. Capt. Frank Selden was just finishing his presentation when the audience and participants began hearing the distant sounds of a B-25’s engines. It came closer and closer, and almost as an exclamation point on Capt. Selden’s presentation, Grumpy came into view with the rumble of his powerful engines. The audience cheered and applauded as Grumpy circled the cemetery in honor of those who have given their lives for our country, and who have served or are serving our country. We were so proud to be there to witness this incredible and meaningful tribute! Thank you, Historic Flight Foundation!