HF Mural

HF Mural


Sited at the southwest corner of Paine Field, Kilo-7 offers a journey into the energy, hard work, and passion that fueled aviation from 1927 through 1957. Like the aircraft in our collection, the hangars at Kilo-7 are designed to reflect beauty, durability, and honestly expressed materials.

We are ready and waiting for you with the first of three hangars showcasing select aircraft. Come visit us at the Historic Flight Restoration Center, view international treasures, and learn how you can help us realize our vision.

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  1. Mike Hutchison says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for very enjoyable afternoon, specifically to Mr. Humphries – he gave me a very thorough and informative tour on Apr. 28. I left even more impressed at the collection and the efforts by those who support it, and learned a few things! A wonderful way to spend some time and appreciate these magnificent examples of aviation history :)

  2. Mike Luedey says:

    I wanted to sincerely thank everyone at Historic Flight Foundation who came out to visit us in Langley, BC at the Canadian Museum of Flight last weekend (despite the terrible weather). You’re an absolute class organization in every way and we were thrilled that you chose to come out and see us. The Museum exchange visit idea is a great one and we hope to return this wonderful gesture by coming out in support of you, to see your incredible collection and of course, reconnect with friends we’ve made at HFF along the way.

    Also….Congratulations on the safe arrival of your DC-3! What a gem!

  3. Stewart Detjen says:

    A Very BIG Thank You to Volunteer John, Who went out of His way to give a personnal tour of this excellent collection of vintage aircraft. It was after a busy Labour Day Weekend but John made sure He showed off a Collection in which He takes great pride. I’ll be back for a Fly Day and a longer visit.
    Thanks Again; Stewart Detjen
    Okanagan Centre, BC

  4. Alan Rice says:

    Thankyou David Poissent for your info on F/LT J W Rice, please send me everything you have on Jack’s record as we have hardly anything other than his service in Liberators …Regards Alan Rice.

  5. David Poissant says:

    I’ve done extensive research on the orignal ‘Grumpy’ RAF ser FL176 (USAAF 41-12656). My records, gleaned from 98 Sqn Operations Record Books, show Alan Rice’s uncle, J.W. Rice, crewed Grumpy on 14 operations; if Alan would like, I’ll be happy to provide him documentation.

    My Dad (RCAF Pilot) flew Grumpy on 4 ops.

  6. Mustafa Aziz says:

    I flew in all the way from Dubai to Seattle to see the Heritage Flight Foundation & Flying Heritage Collection. My family & I really enjoyed the hospitality of the volunteers at the collection especially Bob Wells who went into great details of the aircraft in the Hangar. The icing on the cake was climbing all over “Grumpy” and sitting in the cockpit. I have never been this close to a WWII aircraft.

    Keep up the good work. Hope to visit the collection again also.

  7. Alan Rice says:

    My uncle, Flt. Lft. John William Rice, flew 3 missions in Grumpy over German held territory. He was a wireless air gunner at the close of the war. He was transfered to Australia and back in the R.A.A.F. in liberators dropping Z Force personel into Timor. He was killed on 17/05/1945 in Liberator A72-159 at Villa General Carmona Timor. Jack is buried on Ambon, Indonesia.

  8. ken Nelson says:

    I enjoyed my time at Kilo during the show on Aviation day at Paine field. I was a B-24 pilot during WW11. I was a lead Pilot and Flight commander at the 514th Sq. 376th HBG based in Southern Italy. I have just read your dscriptions of flying Grumpy to various events around the country. My Sq. commander Col. Taylor was well connected at 15th Air Force Hq in Bari italy. As a result he was able to take possesion of a B-25. i went with him to pick it up. i had never even been in a B-25 up to that time. Col. Taylor put me in the left seat to fly back to our base. All of my multi engine time up this point was in the B-24. (The B-24 would not leave the ground until a speed od 120 to 125 had been reached. ) I advanced the throttles on the B-25 and we started our takeoff run. As I remember the nose wheel got light at about 75 mph. I put it back on the runway. After several times doing that Col Taylor shouted “let it fly it wants to fly ” We shot up in a very positive way and the rest of the flight was normal. Col Taylor checked me out in the plane and i flew it many times. usually taking personell to Rome or Naples for rest leave. Thanks for reviving the memory of flying that wonderful Airplane. Ken Nelson

  9. William says:

    thanks for the event Saturday had a great time got some nice pictures hope this will be the first of many such events in years to come.

  10. Elliot Smith says:

    I hade a great time, buy a lucky chance I got to fly in “Grumpy” the WW2 B-25D. You Fulfilled a childhood dream I have had for at least 40 years to ride in a WW 2 Airplane I am Indeted to you, thank you very much I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life. Great collection.

  11. JohnS says:

    10719 Bernie Webber Drive. Southwest corner of Paine Field. F, S and Sun., 10-6. See you soon.

  12. Duane Barr II says:

    Great looking website and nice photo of HF building-Where is it?
    (Please don’t tell me it’s at paine field tell me where at paine, please).

  13. David schultz says:

    Had a great time on Saturday. The entire staff did a great job of presenting the collection.

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