Air Show Season

We’ve agreed to fly a rather full schedule of air shows. Our B-25 “Grumpy” performed well on Sunday at the Arlington Air Show but by this morning, could not muster power from the master cylinder on the right engine. Consequently we’re replacing the cylinder prior to departure for Princeton, BC this Friday. Grumpy will be joined by P-51B “Impatient Virgin” in a particularly scenic part of Canada. The flight plan calls for Customs and Immigration clearance at Abbotsford, then a trip through the mountains at Hope, provided there’s hope, for the weather. Web cams have made the crossing decision much easier. While all of this is underway our Grumman Bearcat will perform at the McChord Air Show near Tacoma. This is the first time HFF has dispatched aircraft to two shows in one weekend, a “twofer,” so we’re hoping it all works out. Thanks to a wonderful corps of volunteers and pilots, it just might. Lance and Nancy Robertson will fly Grumpy, Carter Teeters, the Bearcat, and I will try my best to honor the Mustang.

Please come see us if you can.