Crossing the Atlantic

Three weather gods decide the fate of any vintage, unpressurized aircraft making an Atlantic crossing. One resides in and around Iceland, another Greenland, and a third in Labrador, around Goose Bay. On the 17th, we enjoyed a good relationship with two of three with the unsuitable destination being Greenland. So we toured Iceland for a day. As is often the case in outback flying, our patience was rewarded. Yesterday, Greenland delivered blue sky as we flew a fiord between mountains above icebergs on our way to Narsarsuaq. Later in the day it was necessary to fly an instrument approach into Goose Bay, but visibility was good once we dropped below the last layer of clouds. Yesterday, we flew approximately 1,500 miles. We will lighten up a bit today and don’t have a plan at this writing. The “breakfast summit” convenes in an hour.

I expect the word “Oshkosh” will enter the conversation.

John Sessions