Happy Independence Day

Today we mark America’s birthday with visits to several parades and gatherings. The rules have become more restrictive since 911, but the sensory overload created by the B-25, Bearcat and Texan are sure to please, even from 1,000 feet. After forming up over the channel, we will pay our respects to mature neighborhood parades on Whidbey and Camano Islands. These events feature all the Americana we remember fondly from childhood. Decorated bicyles with flapping playing cards clothes-pinned to a wheel mount, hard candy and taffy thrown from floats, and many hand-held American flags. Perhaps Shriners in go-carts will race about. From there, we have a “time-over-target” date with the City of Everett followed by a more casual visit to the City of Arlington. Heading south, we will assess our time based on our noon rendezvous in Kirkland, likely filling the gap over Seattle, Renton, then Bellevue. Ninety minutes is a long time to maintain a formation, so we may “relax” in trail or with a bit of separation in the leg to Seattle. Hope you enjoy the visits. 239 years and counting.

Tomorrow I have the privilege of visiting England on behalf of HFF to participate in several commemorations of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The events are listed on our schedule. Should you attend one, please introduce yourself. It will be wonderful to see someone from home, or at least someone with a connection to HFF. Who knows? There may be a stray crew pass to share.