Impatient Virgin

Impatient Virgin The Backstory


Like its fellow Mustangs, Impatient Virgin could reach astonishing speeds and altitudes—in one test, the P-51B hit 451 MPH at 25,000 feet—and also dive to fly through narrow passes that nearly skimmed the ground. But these capabilities can prove a plane’s triumph or its literal downfall, depending on the pilot’s judgment.

Though World War II would end within a year, 1944 was still marked by furious hostilities between the Allies and Germany, with Allies suffering heavy losses for B-24s and other bombers during long-range missions. The Allies needed lean, mean fighters that could escort them deep into enemy territory and protect them through battle. Our plane was delivered in early 1944 to the 376th Fighter Squadron based in Bottisham, England. After being assigned to the 361st Fighter Group, it received the official code E9-R and the (highly) unofficial name “Impatient Virgin.”