May 11

After a wonderful day of flying, D-Day history, music and fellowship at HFF’s first 2019 member fly day, N877MG made a pass for the crowd before departing to Normandy. Some last-minute repairs delayed departure so the crew of Gene Vezzetti, Bill Mnich and John Sessions used all of their remaining daylight to reach Bozeman, Montana. Twilight views of the snowcapped Crazy Mountains (Crazy Peak, 11,209’) enriched the arrival. It takes a long flight or two to learn whether the preparatory maintenance and test flying had revealed all of an airplane’s squawks. The flight to Bozeman was smooth and comfortable.

In contrast, we had prepared a Plan B due to a pesky oil leak earlier in the day, which would have meant an “essential crew only” trip to our radial engine overhauler, Anderson Aeromotive, for a partial tear-down on Mother’s Day by a crew of three. That was not necessary as Liz Matzelle prepared a custom gasket young mechanics Greg and Sam installed. It held.

With us for this trans-continental journey are Peter Mahr, Peter Herzig, Michael Sessions and our Chief Mechanic, Ben Olson.

John Sessions