Air-to-Air (T-6 and P-51 Mustang)



Flight experiences represent a distinguishing feature of HFF. Each of our “flight memberships” include one year of individual museum membership (possibly upgraded to a family membership) and a flight experience at a time convenient for both HFF and the flight experience member. In a typical year HFF will offer at least six “fly days”during warmer months when planes and crews are prepared for a flying schedule. Flying members receive email advisories of these and other opportunities to schedule their flight. The flight experience itself spans about an hour with about half the time in the aircraft. We include a full safety briefing and history lesson in addition to a local flight. The flying feature of a flying membership does not expire. While HFF will request renewal of the annual museum membership, the flying privilege can be deferred, given to someone else, or donated to a charity for fundraising. We want you to fly. In addition to the scheduled fly days, from time-to-time we offer other flying opportunities in conjunction with local or regional air shows. Also, it is possible to reserve an entire aircraft, such as the B-25 or DC-3, and schedule a time coinciding with a personal or corporate event. Do you have questions? We love to discuss our flights. Contact us at [email protected] or 509.535.6000.