Growing Up Boeing


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Part memoir, part biography, Growing Up Boeing tells the story of the pioneers of the Golden Age of commercial jet transports from an insider’s perspective. Take a nostalgic flight back in time to the dawn of the jet age—1950s through 1980s—when the best experimental test pilots flew by the seat of their pants, putting new commercial jets through tests that stressed and pushed the edge of performance envelopes, discovering their limits and tolerances. Fly along on demonstration and proving flights as the test pilots help Boeing sell the airplanes to airlines around the world, meeting a few celebrities along the way. See how they lived their lives in the air and on the ground—their adventurous spirits, need for speed, leisure activities and families. Secrets big and small are revealed, as are hair-raising moments when the hazards, the incidents, near accidents, and tragic events inherent in exploring the limits of aeronautical technology and new airplane designs are described. This artfully narrated account breathes life into the extremely personal and human experiences that have, in some magical way, been shared at some level by so many, and provides more than a hint of what has made this aircraft manufacturer legendary.