Really Smart Bombs

The linkage connecting B-25D Grumpy’s cockpit control of the bomb bay doors to the actuating mechanism has required regular maintenance for decades. While the plane may be flown at 290 miles-per-hour with the doors open, it is not a good idea to have them open at take-off as the engine failure scenario goes from bad to terrible. Thus, last Friday at the Abbotsford Air Show, Canada’s largest and one of the best in the world, B-25D Grumpy returned to the hot line without taking to the air. Field repairs allowed complete closure of the doors pending overhaul of a valve at HFF. Saturday and Sunday flight performances included two shifts with the famous Abbotsford pyro crew. One suspects that April and her posse spent adolescent years lighting matches in dark closets. They enjoy ignition of charges beneath flying aircraft and their skill “matches” their passion. So on several passes, Grumpy and the pyro crew recreated true bombing runs. One problem. The bomb-bay doors could not open. No problem, really. The veteran, glib announcers explained to the enthusiastic crowd that Grumpy carried ordnance so smart the bomb bays did not need to open. Any questions?

John Sessions